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Gig Harbor, Washington, USA jstrocsher@gmail.com
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My History & Profile

I am a 30 year old web developer working and living in Gig Harbor, Washington. After graduating with my B.S. in Computer Science from Central Washington University I began working immediately at the University. I left after 2 years to chase my wife to the other side of the mountains. I am currently working for Catholic Health Initiatives as an Application Developer.

This year has been a busy year! On top of working full-time I have co-founded two companies: one being a contact management system (MLM Assist) and the other a night life application (Party Gorilla). I love what I do and I plan on doing it for a long time. Developing and building applications while learning the latest technologies is what motivates me. When not behind my console I am an active individual who loves sports, doing fun things with my wife while dragging our black lab Riley around with us.



  • jQuery/AJAX/HTML5/CSS3
  • SharePoint
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.js
  • Currently dabbling Node.js
  • Been awhile but I do have .NET experience


  • MySQL & SQL Server
  • FileZilla
  • Visual Studio
  • MS Office
  • Windows OS/Windows Server OS
  • XAMPP & Apache
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime Text
  • Composer

Past Education

Lake Roosevelt High School graduate of 2004.

Central Washington University graduate of 2008.
Bachelors of Science, Computer Science with a specialization in Web Development.

Work Experience

World Wide Group - Web Developer ~ 2007

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds - IT Everything ~ 2008-2010

Central Washington University - Web Developer ~ 2007-2010

University of Puget Sound - Support Developer ~ 2010-2011

Franciscan Medical Group - Web Developer ~ 2011-2012

Catholic Health Initiatives - Application Developer ~ 2012-Present

MLM Assist - Co-founder/Developer ~ 2014-Present

Party Gorilla - Co-founder/Developer ~ 2014-Present

Fun Projects

Just a favor for a good buddy who needed to get a portfolio out there to apply for jobs and get some extra work.
• Built using HTML5, Responsive, Bootstrap, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP

Party Gorilla is a real-time social application with that gives venue owners and patrons the ability to share the current atmosphere of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other nightlife venues instantly, based on geo-location.
• Built using HTML5, Responsive, Bootstrap, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, Parse, PHP, and an iOS Application for users in 2016

Finally a lifelong friend and I decided to start a side business. We created a contact management system that is used to track clients, sales, and events. We put a fresh spin on an old idea to keep up with current trends.
• Built using HTML5, Responsive, Bootstrap, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP in 2014

I met Becca through the local brewery (7 Seas) in Gig Harbor. She knew from chatting here and there that I was a Web Developer so she proposed a trade for her Landscape Design services for my Web Development services. I don't always do this but if it is something I need at my house I am usually all for it. This has been a great project as I have been improving my CMS with every design and playing around with HTML 5 and responsive design techniques.
• Built using HTML5, Responsive Design Techniques, Elastislide JS, Nivo Slider JS, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP in 2013

Big Thanks to Jake Rochelau for responsive resume. I am currently working on a new responsive CMS and sites for clients. I have decided to trash my old site and create a new site that uses responsive design, schemas, CSS3, and HTML5 features.
• Built using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP in 2013

Robbie is a personal friend of mine who has an intense passion for Photography. We come from similar backgrounds being that we have always worked hard for everything we have. Since I am a web developer I offered to build Robbie a site. It is a work in progress as my skills sharpen and I learn more about my craft, it will reflect in Robbie's site.
• Built using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, URL Rewriting, SEO, with a custom built CMS in 2013

FIRST web application was built for Franciscan Health System during my time working for them. It is a pretty big project and it was my first in many ways. First CMS, first time using fPDF, first time writing PHP script files that download .csv files, push them to another server, and then populate a MySQL data tables with the containing information, and first time using php features that monitor internal and external IP Addresses to show/hide data.
• Built using HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, URL Rewriting, fPDF, SEO, with a custom built CMS in 2012